The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox -Where messages to and from Fukushima meet-The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox -Where messages to and from Fukushima meet-

What is the Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox?

About eleven years have passed since our region was struck by the Great East Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear disaster. The number of new buildings has increased and many other signs of change can be seen in towns of Fukushima.

The scenery around us is rapidly changing, but in the midst of your daily life, have you experienced such moments that your feelings that has been buried deep inside, emotions you have been carrying for a long time, suddenly come welling up to the surface?

Caring for others in a variety of situations, there may be more and more thoughts which words cannot express, or we cannot easily share with others.

Amidst the beautiful natural surroundings of Fukushima, flowers have been a familiar presence from the past to present days. When you see them, a variety of thoughts and memories will certainly emerge.

When you are happy. When you are sad.
When you care for someone, or when you mourn for a loved one,
flowers are always close at hand.

Wherever you live, you have your own message for Fukushima.

The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox was created to care for these messages.

please note the following

If you’d like to send a message to the Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox,

Letter size: You can send postcards and standard-sized letters written on letter papers.
  • Please refrain from sending any information that can be used for personal identification.
  • Means of expression differ from person-to-person, so please feel free to write your message in any way that suits you.
    Not only letters, but also poems or drawing are accepted.
The location of the flower mailbox: The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox travels around within Fukushima Prefecture every couple of months.
Please confirm its location before you send us something.
Please put your letter in the Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox at Nishiaizu International Art Village,or send it by post to the following address.
c/o: Nishiaizu International Art Village
5752 Uenohara Michi Ue, Sasagawa, Shingou, Nishiaizu-town, Yama-gun, Fukushima Pref.
969-4622  JAPAN
Another mailbox can also be found anywhere a “Flowers of Fukushima” photography exhibition is being held.
For more detailed information, please check “What’s New”.
The locations of the Flower Mailbox from April will be announced on this page as they are confirmed.
Letters sent to this Mailbox:
  • We will always cherish and keep your letters and thoughts.
    Please bear in mind that when a letter is sent to us, we cannot send it back to you and the copyright is transferred to the Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox.
  • In the future, we are planning to exhibit the letters we receive.
    When the date of this is confirmed we will let you know.
  • It is also possible that, according to the circumstances, we will present the letters to television, newspaper, our website, publishers and other media.