The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox -Where messages to and from Fukushima meet-The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox -Where messages to and from Fukushima meet-



The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox postmaster: Akari Hashimori

The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox postmaster: Akari Hashimori

Born in1982 in Koriyama City, Fukushima Pref.
Grew up in Aizu Wakamatsu City.
Graduated from Asaka Womens High School (now Asakareimei High School).
Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Literature from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Worked as an English advisor and editor at an educational firm in Tokyo.
Also participated in some projects on a pro bono basis, in addition to her work.
In 2014, she returned from Tokyo to her hometown, Fukushima, where she has continued her pro bono work with “The Fukushima Flower Project,” planning exhibitions, etc.


“The Flowers of Fukushima” photographer / designer: Katsuhiro Noguchi

Born in 1959 in Inawashiro-town, Fukushima Pref. Noguchi released a series of “The Flowers of Fukushima” artwork , with the hope of making people all over the world smile at the beauty of the flowers of Fukushima. In 2012, “The Flowers of Fukushima” was displayed in the Japan pavilion of the “Floriade” at the Netherlands International Horticultural Exhibition. In 2014, Noguchi’s flower photographs were adopted as the main visual image for the tourism campaign hosted by Fukushima prefecture and JR East and appeared on advertising posters at main railway stations and in some trains. The artist also held solo exhibition at Cannon galleries in Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, Sapporo and at Narita Airport. His works include the publication of, “This Place … an Island of Flowers,” which inspired musician Kensaku Tanikawa, the eldest son of renowned poet, Shuntaro Tanikawa, for the composition of the choral work with the same title.

Publication: “This Place… an Island of Flowers” (2013)
Noguchi’s works are available at http://noguchi.photo/
His Facebook account is:”Katsuhiro Noguchi, Flowers of Fukushima

A Message from the Postmaster
I still remember that when I saw Mr. Noguchi’s photos, “The Flowers of Fukushima”, for the first time,I felt really surprised that the flowers are so beautiful, and happy in a nostalgic sort of way because they reminded me so much of the rich natural scenery of my hometown, Fukushima. I hope you will also enjoy seeing “The Flowers of Fukushima,” which Mr. Noguchi has been taking for these past about 5 years.

Footprints of the Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox

In 2015

24 Jan. – 15 Feb. – Shinchi, Fukushima:Shinchi Town Library (exhibition)
7 Feb. – 29 Mar. – Inawashiro, Fukushima: Hajimari Art Center
22 Feb. – 21Mar. – Tokyo: Fukushima Organ-dou Shimokitazawa (exhibition)
27 Feb. – 14 Mar. – Tokyo: Member of the House of Councilors Hall (exhibition)
24 Mar. – 29 Mar. – Inawashiro, Fukushima: Nagomina, Inawashiro Town Library (exhibition)
1 Apr. – 5 Jul. – Nishi-Aizu, Fukushima: Nishiaizu-Artvillage (exhibition)
12 Jul. – 13 Sep. – Koriyama, Fukushima: Asaka History Museum (exhibition)
1 Aug. – 9 Aug. – Inawashiro, Fukushima: Ohara- Break (exhibition)
15 Aug. – 23 Aug. – Fukushima, Fukushima: Anzai Orchard (exhibition)
15 Sep. – 16 Oct. – Tokyo: ECOM Surugadai(exhibition)
19 Sep. – 19 Sep. – Sukagawa,Fukushima: Fukushima Airport (exhibition)
5 Oct. – 1 Nov. – Otama, Fukushima: Forest Park Adatara, Forest for Residents (exhibition)
2 Nov. – 13 Nov. – Koriyama, Fukushima: Asaka Reimei High School (exhibition)


11 Jan. – 5 Feb. – Soma, Fukushima  LVMH Children Art Maison (exhibition)