The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox -Where messages to and from Fukushima meet-The Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox -Where messages to and from Fukushima meet-

Inquiries / Q & A


Q1:How will you handle the items sent to the Flower Mailbox?
We will always cherish and keep your letters and thoughts.
In the future, we are planning to exhibit the letters we receive.
When the date is confirmed we will let you know.
It is also possible that, according to the circumstances, we will present the letters through o television, newspaper, our website, publishers and other media. Please bear in mind that when a letter is sent to us, the copyright is transferred to the Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox.
Q2:Can messages be sent by email?
Sorry, but we cannot accept any items sent by email.
Please put your letter in the Flowers of Fukushima Mailbox at the Hajimari Art Center, or send it by mail.
Q3:Can I send any items other than postcards?
You can also send standard-sized letter written on paper.
Non-paper items cannot be accepted, even if they are within the standard size limits.
Q4:Can I also send pictures or poems?
Yes, we can accept any kind of messages or images, as long as they are written or printed on letter paper or postcards. Means of expression differ from person-to-person, so please write your message in any way that suits you.



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